A delicious alternative to sugar laden soda pop are tasty Milkshakes and Smoothies. Whether you're on a diet or just trying to eat healthier, you'll find healthy smoothie and milkshake recipes here.

Even if you're not handy in the kitchen, you'll see how easy it is to make a Smoothie with these easy smoothie recipes. Or, if you're a big milkshake fan, how easy it is to make a quick, ice cold milkshake.

You'll find a variety of low fat, low calorie Smoothie Recipes to suit every taste. You can choose one of several fruit smoothie recipes and make a smoothie drink - all you need is some fruit, ice and a smoothie blender or mixer for a great back to basics smoothie.

If you're a Milkshake fan, you'll find that making them at home is twice as good as the fast food version. There's plenty of fantastic Milkshake Recipes here that will show you how to make a delicious chocolate, strawberry, banana, or vanilla milkshake with a variety of fun ingredients and your favorite ice cream.
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Milkshake and Smoothie Recipes
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